Thursday, 27 October 2016

About "Creatures such as we"

     I have decided to start a series of blog posts in English related to certain games, websites and maybe even apps that are not so popular, but totally deserve to be. On this blog I've written about photographers, book authors and movies directors in Romanian, but I decided some change would guarantee a much larger public. 
     The game I want to talk about today is "Creatures such as we", an interractive novel writen by Lynnea Glasser and produced by Choice of Games. In this story you will have two stories: the one of a guide on a space platform, and the one of a video game character. At first you will be introduced in the story through your video game character and their friend, Elegy. While playing the videogame, you will face a series of (unwanted) decisions, such as the way of attacking, your relationship to Elegy and your own beliefs. The character in "Creatures such as we" is frustrated because of the ending of her videogame and wonders if it could have been different. While asking herself these questions, she meets the designers  aka the people who made "Creatures" possible. From this point you can chose if you want to be friendly with them or professional,  you can develop a strong romantinc relationship with one of them or just be friends, you will have extremly interesting conversations with members of the group, with questions concerning the meaning of art, the afterlife, what death truly is,  fake food, artificial life and so on and you will discover more about your character, the video game character and Elegy and even yourself. You have the possiblity of playing the game all over again when it's over and chosing someone else to get close to, so you will notice the difference between the characters and their way of thinking. My personal favourites are James and Ren so I recommand you to talk to them if you are into philosophic conversations. 
      I loved this game because altough it lacked image, it pictured the most beautiful landscapes and emotions and it made me see many things in a different manner. I found it very interesting how the author used the video game's character to explain the guide's personality and choices, showing us how much we can learn about how a person thinks through their likes, interests, and way of aproaching a problem. While playing "Creatures such as we" I found myself in space, living my character's life, facing my character's problems and asking myself if I am a character myself. It is a highly interesting, philosphical, different game and I think everyone who enjoys daydreaming, having deep conversations and analyzing situations and ideas, should play it at least once. 
You can find a PC version here or you can download it on google play apps. 
Have a wonderful journey and please share this post to promote the game more :) 

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