Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Plans for tomorrow

Nu am  mai scris de mult timp ceva in engleza iar ieri dimineata, la 6 mai exact m-am apucat de scris asta. Enjoy and leave a comment ;)

I want to fly in a far away sky
Hide under a cloud where the sea is red
I want to touch the world with a mind that is mine
And yell from the mountains “be prepared!”

I want to sleep in the corner of your room
Where the flames won`t touch me,hurt me
I want to hide away from the soon –to-be doom
And tear apart all the secrets,let the world see

I live in a birdcage of gold
I am not fed and I`m thristy of dreams
I have no strong hand but mine to hold
I need to run to the path of redeems

I am a bird,a song,a wave in the ocean
You`re nothing but dry skin and mud
I can feel the Higher Consience,the motion
While you are just another face in the crowd

I`ll fly,I`ll burn all the sins and despair
And then turn into fog and be gone
But first I`ll let you all know to beware!
And paint with my fingers “I won!”