Monday, 19 June 2017

The 13th month

The sand burned under her feet as she walked slowly across the light - coloured beach. It felt good to feel something other than cold in such a long time, although it felt as if walking on burning coals. She didn't know if it was just her imagination or not but she could hear the skin of her feet sizzling under her weight. Suddenly, the landscape changed and this time she saw huge stones in front of her, coloured in beautiful shades of grey and black or pale reds and beiges. She walked on them, feeling their sharp edges almost cutting the flesh of her fingers. The sea slowly came towards her, wetting the rocks and cooling her, giving her the long desired peace. 
          The sea... what a great, marvellous entity appeared before her! What a great gift of Life that was, how it fascinated her! With her clear, blue-green, waves and the wonderful sound they made when they kissed the land, with the gifts she brought every morning - seashells, algae and the sunset reflecting on her infinite waters, how could anyone not love her, adore her? She remembered the first time she saw the Great Sea: she was nothing but a Primordial, with no knowledge of what life truly is like. She had awoken on the burning heat of the 13th month, the warmest of them all, the light blazing in her eyes, blinding her. She touched the sand with the palms of her hands and she sat, terrified by the scenery in front of her. The sound it made was abnormal, she had never heard something so loud before and the worst thing is that it surrounded her! She wanted to run away but the sound was still there and so was the heat. Somehow, no matter how far away she wanted to go, she went closer and closer to the water instead. She suddenly remembered a familiar feeling, as if being sheltered in the arms of a protective being, as if being in a balloon, comfortable and safe. She remembered the water. She remembered the sensation of being inside the water, covered by the water, protected by it. She stopped. Her steps were small and cautious but her eyes were curious. She touched it and she felt scared, how could something that reminded her of such pleasant things be so cold?! She wanted to leave but something kept calling her until hours later, close to the sunset, she found herself submerged in the magic of the Great Sea, floating on its waves.
          They never told them about it back at the L.A.B. They never told them where they came from either, they were just products of the industry and that's all she needed to know. There was no point in telling them anyway, as soon as they'd turn 3rd cycle they would be slaughtered for parts anyway. It would have been just a couple more days until she would have become meat. For them it doesn't matter, they're not sentient beings, they're just meat. They're there to serve, to procreate and serve, forever. The L.A.B. never knew she escaped, she should have been sold close to the sea but they could never scan her so they threw her away on the beach, in the heat, as if she were already dead, waiting to rot.
          Now she's been walking for months, meeting others like her - sentient beings, beings with compassion. A Primordial. The first of her kind to escape and create something new, the first of her kind to oppose death.

          "The 3rd cycle passed months ago and I'm not dead. The Great Sea is so beautiful, my gift of love, my gift of life..."

Monday, 24 April 2017


I have been highly inspired by some of the youtubers I watch to create blog posts in which I recommend different things. Since I already wrote about music, books, movies and photographers but not in a recommendation kind of way, more in an analyzing kind of day, I tought it would be a good idea to have some monthly favourites which I could write about here, on the blog.

The first things I want to talk about are webcomics because I read them daily and I mostly use Tapas and Webtoons to do so. They both have mobile apps and the greatest thing is that Tapas also has a tipping service to support the creators you like, meaning that if you watch ads for a couple of minutes you gain virtual coins which you can tip to a certain creator and they gain real money out of it. :) 
Some of my favourite comics are these:

1.Winterwoods: it is inspired by the story of Frankenstein but it is transformed into something beautiful, romantic and very dramatic. Winter was found in the cold forest during the winter - hence the name - and he was experiemnted on by people who wanted to find the secret of his immortality. He was introduced into Jane's home, an aspiring writer who tought that Winter's story would bring her great success in the world of literature so she decided to let him live with her, just until he finished to tell his story. Meanwhile, Winter gradually becomes more human, things started to get complicated, new characters with intriguing stories appear and everything gets more and more beautiful. The art style is stunning so go ahead and check it out. 
*art by Van Ji

2.Oracle: another Webtoons webcomic, Oracle features Evelyn, a doctor from a little village whose life is turned upside - down when Magnus, an assasin, ex- magister finds her. Together they unveal their past, trying to explain the powers they have because in that world almost every person has some sort of magical ability and they all have a role. The story is very complex, from dramatic love stories, to mysteries, from a wonderful dark, dry humour to stories that will make you tear up. The art style is clear and beautiful and the characters' personalities will instantly charm you. 

3.A Matter of Life and Death: A beautiful webcomic from Tapas, among the first webcoomics that I have ever read and the one that convinced me to continue doing so. This is the story of two men: Life and Death. Both immortal gods, both created since the beginning of Time itself, both kinda gloomy. This story is also very complex, while reading it you find out about different universes, different gods and their powers and personalities (such as Love, Wisdom, Madness and so on.) and also about the complicated past and relationship that the two gods have. In that world, Death has to deal with those who need to die so he creates souls moths to prevent them for coming back. The only problem is that his "coworker", Life, cannot simply let him go with destroying what he created so acceptance comes hard. This is a beautiful, dramatic, charming love story with many things to offer. The art style is extremly unique and original and it seems to be getting better and better. WARNING: This features a love story between two men, so if you don't support this please do not read this webcomic - altough you'll be missing out a lot of awesome things. 

*art by Snipster

The next thing I want to recommend is Ello, an ad-free platform created only for artists, featuring illustrators, musicians, painters, photographers and so on, promoting art and conceptualism, giving artists wonderful opportunities of being published in the Not for Print magazine or having their work exhibited with NO submission fee, all in the form of contests. If you are an artist or you know someone who is, ask them to join Ello, it can either be done via invitation - and I can give some - or by simply signing up and waiting. When I first got to the site it was still on Beta so you had to wait for a while but not it might be easy to join. On Ello if you are good at what you do you can easily gain followers, collab with other artists and even have the possibility of being hired or hiring artists. 

*cover of the previous magazine, with the topic Censorship

The last thing is going to be something I discovered tonight and I really love. It was recommended by the youtuber La Madylene, which seems to have a great taste in music :D. Movie Brain have got some great songs which make you want to dream about far away lands, travel, laugh and enjoy a good summer's day. They are similar to Future Islands in a way, another band which I highly recommend.

Enjoy and let me know if you have tried any of these things and what you think about them! :)