Friday, 11 July 2014

The search of a soul

There once was a man whose hands were old and his hair was gray
And this man used to make dolls for children, made from clay
He served all his life to the gods of mercy and love
Until he went mad and he threw all his dolls on the stove
There once was a woman with red hair and clear,blue eyes
She was a High Priestess and she fed the people with lies
Being worshipped was her biggest desire
Until the people found out and they fed her to the fire
There once was an innocent child who lived in a beautiful wood
His family was poor and he used to sing for food
He lived up until ten but he soon tasted death
He took his mother with him because of the tears she has shed
There once was a queen with a great love for life
She used to dance with her people and sing and end any strife
She used to sing and laugh and live for the light
Until she raised to the gods in one cold,winter night
There once was a girl in search of her soul
In search of something that would make her feel whole
And she`s still searching ,willing to be set free
Not knowing that an old man,a Hight Priestess,a child and a queen she used to be.

Does anyone believe in reancarnation? Tell me, reader, do you believe in this concept?And if you do, why is that?This is not the best thing I`ve ever written but this is what my soul told me to write and here we are!

this guy inspires me more than he should

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Ce repede trece timpul...
Ce repede trece timpul atunci cand iti acoperi ochii cu mainile
Cand,trecand pe langa ziua de ieri iti redescoperi cicatricile
Pe care le-ai capatat cand strangeai nisipul
Regretelor tale

Ce repede luna se-asterne...
Ce repede luna se-asterne acoperindu-ti mintea
Rasucindu-ti privirea in interior, te regasesti pe tine
In umbra rece a omului care mintea
Te ridici si te-neci in simtire.

Cat de repede incep eu sa dispar...
Viitorul meu mi-e trecut iar trecutul imi este prezent
Sunt un corp prins intr-un alt corp absent
Si incerc sa -mi fac loc printre gratii si foc si durere
Intinzandu-mi mainile la ceea ce sufletu`-mi cere.

Ce repede trece timpul,
Ce repede luna se-asterne
Ce repede incep eu sa dispar
In visele mele eterne!