Saturday, 2 July 2016

Hide, don't hide

There will come a day when they will crawl
from under beneath your bed
from under beneath your pores
from under, beneath your deepest, darkest secrets

You'll want to hang by the moon, to feel safe
but you will see them from the window of your soul
you'll see their eyes, their teeth, their hands, their empty hearts
you'll see their minds and what they left behind

There's nowhere you can hide, they'll find you
even if you're dead, or dying
even if you try to forget your existence
even if you're burning in or flying

They'll catch you with their claws, they'll rip you apart
you'll forget everything you've ever lived,
you'll forget your toughts and who you are
you'll forget love and only pain will remain

Run away, run as fast as you can!
Run to the end of the World
Run to the end of the Sun
Run to the end of your Life

The black ground will protect you
the water in wich you drawn will hide your traces
sleep now, in sleep they can't catch you
they will catch you... your deepest, darkest toughts.